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Sometimes the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a luxury watch can seem a little foolish. Today counterfeit watches are big business and many of them look virtually identical to the real thing in fact without opening the case. Some experts have routinely fooled into believing a best fake Rolexes watch was real but is there anything wrong with buying a replica watch.

Best Rolex Fakes timepieces are one of the most popular luxury items in the world so consequently there’s a huge market for replica of fake watches. All of these Super Clone watches are made in china and china only, no other country makes Super clone watches.

High Quality Rolex replica watches

I traveled to New Jersey and spend almost 500$ on two best Rolex rep. I didn’t really care about the price. I spent because I knew that a lot of you guys are interested into it. It was a really interesting experience to have a closer look at the grand bazaar and also take a look behind the scenes of this replica business.

But today we’re goanna go one step further I did a lot of research in the last month mostly in a forum called And I found this guy Sid who is the admin of the forum and he knows literally everything about replicas.

Get affordable Rolex replica watches

So if you’re looking for a high class replica get in touch with him. He told me that the best value watchers are around 350~400+$. There are other high end replicas but the price to performance ratio on these isn’t that good but I have to say the high end ones look crazy real.

My good friend David Ridley who is a watch collector has to models which I really like because they are classic. We’re looking here at an 1146 2016 Rolex submariner note 8 and a 14060 Swiss only dial one from 1998.

RogTime providing best replica watches

So I asked David Ridley for a replica that looks identical to this model and after two weeks. I found a package in my mailbox. The watch came from the USPS but I guess it’s being produced in china with this watch I visited David and he showed me some differences and let me also film his real Rolex as well he was surprised on how good the quality of these fake actually is but if you look closer you do see differences. So let’s check them out first of all the movement to be honest it’s very hard to tell a fake apart from a real. When you have a look at the movement there’s a huge difference in accuracy and also the reserve on my best Rolex replica from new Jersey.

They start to display wrong time even after only one day while a real Rolex has for instance 50 to 70 hours reserve time which is the time the watch still functions perfectly without wearing it. On the replica its pretty good and two days are no problem but this only applies to good replicas with a Swiss movement if you get a cheap one with a Chinese one you’re  basically screwed and its really annoying.

Rolex replica watches

The weight is also hard to tell apart but we noticed that the replica is a bit heavier than our rear Rolex for some reason. Rolex replicas have also the serial and model number like on a channel Rolex. But on a real one they are deep and perfectly marked in solid very fine lines that will shine in the light at an angle like a diamond cut edge. Conversely the number on many fake or replica watches are typically made up of faint tiny dots due to a lower quality marking process.

In other cases these numbers on counterfeit watches will have a sandy like appearance from being acid etched as shown in this website. The watch hands look almost identical but are a tiny bit thicker and if you look it up with a macro lens you can see that the structure of the luminous paint is way rougher and not that even like on the real one.

Best Rolex replica vs real watches

An interesting element of best Rolex replica vs real watches is the paint we’re of course talking about the luminescent paint that is used for the luminous parts of the watches which are the indices hands and the loom pipe on dive for watches bezels. This is also present on the replica but lights up not that strong. When it is first manufactured the dial of an original is more or less perfect.

So if you see any uneven font inconsistent spaces between the lettering smudges and a misspelling on the watch. Then that is a big red flag and definitely a sign to start looking further into its authenticity. But on the one form David it looked quite good  but i noticed that the font is a tiny little bit bigger and more bold on the replica in 2002 Rolex began micro etching a tiny crown logo at the six o’clock position on the crystal that protects the dial but this is something you can also find on replicas. Also this replica has a tiny crown.

Used high quality crystal Rolex replicas

The material itself of the crystal is pretty good and really scratch resistant. As well we tried to scratch it but we weren’t able to do it. Then we tried to scratch the number on the watch bezel. And there we got a check pot on the rear best Rolex replicas we have a ceramic bezel with platinum numbers and while the bezel on the replica is very scratch resistant. I am not quite sure which material. It is however the dial numbers are just painted on the replica so if you try to scratch them the paint will come off. Also if you have a look at the crown you will realize that it’s crafting is a bit rougher than on the rear Rolex.

Rear Rolex

The rear Rolex has a super smooth crown adjusting the time of the watch works basically the same. We can also see that there is a ceiling inside but we are going to test later. If the watch is waterproof however you feel that adjusting the time on a rear Rolex  goes much more smoother you also need to be careful about the strap if you’re going to buy a real Rolex because many people buy a counterfeit watch strap to save some money. When they sell the watch because even nice strap can be as much as 2 grand the strap of the replica feels really good but if we look closer. We can see that the material is different. Most watches today use stainless steel graded 316l. But Rolex being best clone Rolex watches the company uses a unique blend of high quality 904l stainless steel made by their in house foundry while regular stainless steel is good against corrosion. There is still the possibility that it can corrode the submariner was basically a diver’s watch before it became mainstream.

Perfect and high Rolex clone watches

So Rolex wanted to make sure that the corrosion resistance is to notch that’s also what we checked on the replica. I left if outside in a few rains for some days and I noticed a tiny little bit of corrosion under the crown of the clasp. There’s nothing to worry about but it shows the difference in material on these watches perfectly.

The clasp also comes with the same engravings like the real one and the engravings are looking incredibly real also the quick adjustment of the strap is working fine but not as smooth as on the rear best copy Rolex.  But the final question is still unanswered it’s a diver’s watch so is waterproof that’s why I jumped into the pool with David and checked it out. After one hour in the pol the watch was still perfectly fine. No water or steam inside it seems to be waterproof but the real Rolex is waterproof up to 200 or 300 meters and I highly doubt that this watch would survive such a dive overall. Its impressive how replicas have evolved and I did even read that the factories who make them are using older machines. That have been sold from swims watchmakers. And Rolex this replica here is 200$ range.


Basically there are five grades of quality usually grade 1 grade 2 and grade Rolex replicas are so called swims made replicas by the dealers. Contrary to popular beliefs only one of those grades is really Swiss made. The rest are made in japan or somewhere else in Asia. Overall these watches are not bad at all. But you definitely get a better watch if you buy a local quality brand like for instance psycho. But if you’re looking into the iconic Rolex design this watch is worth the money after doing so much research about these replicas. I really think about getting a submariner from my local dealer but the waiting times right now are crazy. The big question remains is Rolex losing money because of all these replicas. And I personally don’t think so because people who buy replicas aren’t even in the target fro up for best fake Rolex watches. As they mostly wouldn’t be able to afford one anyway. But still they are counterfeit goods and that’s another topic.

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